How we did

I thought we worked well together, and I am sure we all took a little away from this. To everyone that took part in this test perfection is a crazy thing to strive for and all we can do is our best. We can all make improvements and together we will achieve them. This was not a test to see who is fat it is a test to better determine our health. Any student looking for extra help with their body composition please contact me. I am excited to help 

Importance and how to make improvements

Understanding your body is essential, and body fat percentage is just a piece of you. To make improvements proper diet and safe exercise is the key. Having a high body fat percentage can lead to diabetes, cancer, heart problems, and much more. Exercise and nutrition will be addressed in class, and any parents looking for help please leave me message at this blog.  


The validity of this test is based on the standards of Fitness Gram.  Evaluation and testing will be based from those standards. Control, I will be in class to monitor the students. Also, the students will perform each measurement three times at each appropriate spot.

Place of measurement

Using your caliper

Test date, process, and time

Males will be meeting in room 225 at 12:30 on Nov. 1st, female students will refer to Mrs. Sacco's blog. All males please wear clothing that grants easy access to the chest, thigh, and abdomen. Students will choose a partner who they trust and measure one another. If a student feels uncomfortable about another student taking his measurements I will take his measurements. Your privacy is important to me, test results will not be on the blog. If any parents have any questions about results please have your student ask for the measurements and they will be given to your student in class in a sealed envelope.